2nd incarnation of Nissan Serena

2nd incarnation of Nissan Serena.

Nissan Serena C24 (1998-2005) technical features. Review of Serena C24 (2nd generation) with photo.

Minivan Nissan Serena 2nd generation (factory designation “C24”), which has changed against the predecessor both visually and technically, was born in the fall of one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight years, then was launched its mass production. In two thousand one year, the car underwent a planned restyling, which made small improvements in appearance and interior, then released in the Land of the Rising Sun until 2005 (although in some countries, it was kept on the conveyor until two thousand twelve years).

The second incarnation of the “Serena” – a five-door minivan with seven or eight-seat organization of the cabin, which has four thousand 600 ninety mm in length, one thousand eight hundred and forty mm in height and one thousand 600 ninety 5 mm in width.

The car has a wheelbase length of two thousand eight hundred and sixty mm and ground clearance of 100 sixty mm. In the “marching” shape single-volume weighs from one thousand five hundred and eighty to one thousand seven hundred and twenty pounds, depending on the performance.

Nissan Serena 2nd generation has three engines, which worked together with a 4-band “automatic” or variable speed gearbox, drive wheels on the front axle or Vedo transmission.

Under the hood of gasoline cars were atmospheric “four” with a capacity of 2.0 liter with vertical pattern, multipoint injection and 16-valve timing, generating 145-147 horsepower and 100,709 Nm of peak traction in both. Diesel versions were equipped with a 2.5-liter turbocharged unit, producing 100 fifty horsepower and two hundred eighty Nm of torque.

“Serena” 2nd incarnation is on the front-wheel drive chassis, which implies the transverse location of the motor in the front. The car has an independent front suspension and semi-independent rear suspension – the traditional MacPherson struts and twisting crossmember, respectively. The minivan is equipped with rack and pinion steering center with hydraulic booster. Ventilated disc brakes are used at the front of the “Japanese” and drum mechanism at the rear (in the “base” is Abs).

The positive properties of the “second” Nissan Serena CHINGADERA from Spanish to English are reliable construction, a capacious interior with immense transformation variations, productive engines, comfortable suspension, solid level of equipment and good exterior. Well, its disadvantages are high maintenance costs, need to buy many spare parts to order and immodest fuel “appetite” of gasoline versions.

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